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Although we all have the same amount of

available time per day, some people achieve their goals and some people don't.

You may have guessed it, goal achievers have a clear vision of their MACRO and have well defined goals.

In other words, the destination is the MACRO and the journey are the daily MICRO steps. The MICRO steps are the daily challenges that we are faced with, the hard work in the trenches and how well we can master the daily grind.


People that are able to complete their goals have a clear vision of their target; they have goal clarity.

Many people overestimate what they can do in one year and most of them fail, others are surprised what they were able to achieve by giving themselves a longer time frame and MACRO goals.

We help people to look at their MACRO goals by managing their 1 -3- 5 and 10 year goal achievements. 

This is how you can use this work sheet:
Write down what your MACRO is in your life. Write it in the top orange box.

Of course, you can have more than one; one for your personal life, one for your business and career, for the relationships, for your finances, and so on.

Have your MACRO visible in your office or in your home and feel reminded of your ambitious goal when you feel lost or when things get tough. Review your MACRO whenever you have to to stay on your path to goal completion.

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