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The Wellness Retreat that suits
all your needs.



Do you feel that the last couple of years and months were quite traumatic leaving scars and you are looking forward healing from those events, transforming and to personally grow again?

Canada's Private Wellness Retreat for Body, Mind and Soul is for women only that are looking for clear guidance and empowerment. It is a step-by-step roadmap to navigate through your transition, your healing and your transformation.


If you are faced with an unexpected change in your career or in your relationship or you are looking for a lifestyle change or suffering from a burnout at work or at home, this 1:1 private wellness program will address what you are faced with and guides you toward the desired outcome.


Getting a clear vision for what you desire requires often letting go of things that don’t serve you anymore. Moving forwards requires clarity and confidence. Transition means to remove confusion and uncertainty and shifting toward a belief that serves you and excites you when you wake up each morning. This intimate retreat allows you to deeply relax and to tap into your dormant potentialities. 


We sometimes feel that something needs to change and at the same time we think that we should be grateful for what we already have. That inner nagging voice will not disappear; it will get louder over time. If this is what you experience, my best advice is to get support. You are not alone in this and you don’t have to figure this out on your own. Transition requires work, sometimes hard work.


This is why I created "Ignite Your Brilliance Program" for you.

This program is a women-only program and offered in a one-to-one format and upon consent the main person can bring a female companion or friend. If you would like to come alone, you will not get matched with another person. The focus will be solely on you. Minor athletes accompanied by one of their parents are welcome.


Dirk Stroda is a Life & Mental Coach and European trained and certified Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist for over 20 years and has achieved the highest level of success for and with his clients. He guides his clients with empathy, acceptance and compassion providing an atmosphere of safety and comfort in his sessions. His profound understanding of body, mind and soul makes this retreat a holistic life-changing experience.

Life Coaching is even more powerful when combined with physical applications (massage, sauna, cold plunge, etc.) and when the guest is rested and relaxed. You can achieve more in a few days of intensive talks than in months-long coaching every week. Being close to nature has a healing effect and being outside and embracing the visual distractions of the mountains eases the conversations; the physical activities help to work through difficult challenges much easier. Also, being away from your everyday life enables you to commit entirely to your decision for a change and personal growth. 

When will you be hearing "Your breakfast is served" from us?

Contact us today!

3-Day Retreat - The fastest way to boost your energy and gain clarity long-term

May 1 - September 30, 2024 Rates:

4 Days / 3 Nights Women's Retreat: Friday (afternoon) – Monday (morning)

Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner included

12 hours of professional + practical sessions

Main person: $2,397 plus tax/ per person

Second person $2,097 plus tax (must be a companion or friend of the main person)

- Day 1: arrival + afternoon session

- Day 2: morning + afternoon sessions

- Day 3: morning + afternoon sessions

- Day 4: check out

One-on-One Women's Leadership Program (1 week)

8 Days /  7 Nights Women's Retreat: Monday (afternoon) – Monday (morning) Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner included

24 hours of professional + practical sessions (incl. pro photo session and accountability calls for 6 months)

Main person: $6,475 plus tax/ per person

- Day 1: arrival + afternoon session

- Day 2 - 7: morning + afternoon sessions

- Day 8: check out

All prices in $ CAD.

Surprise Gift Bag upon your arrival.


2-week and 3-week retreat programs are available. Please contact me.

Airport pick-up and drop-off is available from YLW International Airport in Kelowna, BC (extra cost).

Please contact Dirk Stroda for an intake assessment session and to discuss the next steps. All of Dirk’s coaching sessions are strictly confidential.


This program includes your accommodation in a pristine mountainside retreat location high above the valley on 960 m (3,150ft) elevation, all meals (meal plan will be designed accordingly to your preferences), daily one-to-one sessions, meditation sessions, a full-body massage, outdoor wood fired sauna, cold plunge experience, earthing/grounding sessions, first light therapy (weather permitting) and fireside talks, nap and rest time, outdoor walks in the forest with breathing. You will have full access to Dirk during the day and have your own privacy in the retreat after all sessions and treatments are completed.  

You share the entire retreat facility with only your companion or friend during the night. The retreat has three bedrooms (queen size luxury beds) and two bathrooms and an open concept kitchen living room with a wood fired stove, and an outdoor patio with seating. The itinerary for your stay will be tailored for you based on the initial intake session. 

The full-body massage is an integral part of this program helping to create clarity and quieting down the nagging noise between your ears. The massage is masterfully applied in an atmosphere of safe space that provides a feeling of well-being, relaxation and helping you to fully perceive your own body. 

Our non-judgmental empathetic approach makes it possible to build trust and acceptance; helping you to letting go of the heavy weight resting on your shoulders.

1 Removing the heaviness and weight of the past and moving forward with more ease. Understand the implications of your environment and how they shape your believes.


2 Identifying desires and dreams that were dormant for too long. It’s not too late – but I suggest that there is no benefit to wait much longer.


3 Implement the transformed you in your daily routines. Discover the powerful new you and how it will change your life, your relationships, your success, your health and mental baseline.


4 Understanding the true self and the false self. Use the voice of your ego to understand the direction the false self wants you to go and reverse it.


5 Learn to understand what your inner voice wants to tell you and how you can listen to your intuition.

6 Building confidence that is in alignment with the new you and feel connected with your true values. The commitment to change requires honesty throughout the process. You coach will support you and will be in your corner during this process until you made it to the desired finish line.

(Accountability calls are part of this program and included.)


7 Find inner peace and presence, energize your body and mind, cultivate meaningful connections, find your potential for growth. Increased sense of confidence and improved body positivity.


1:1 Private Wellness Retreat "Ignite Your Brilliance"

All your 1:1 sessions are lead by the retreat founder Dirk Stroda himself.

As an example the following topics can be covered during your sessions:

  • Relationship Issues

  • Body Image

  • Perfectionism

  • Stress Management

  • Negative Thinking

  • Lack of Self-Worth

  • Confidence Issues

  • Self Sabotage

  • Rest of Life Planning

  • Self Perception

  • Need more Clarity in Life

  • Need a Plan


Relaxation and Rejuvenation for your body and mind (contentment from head to toe) and finding clarity in the stillness:

  • Full-Body Massage

  • Finnish Outdoor Sauna

  • Cold Plunge

  • Earthing

  • Meditation and Breathing

  • Coherence Building


"The wellness retreat was one of the best things I could have done for myself, it was exactly what I needed at just the right time. Two and a half days of one on one sessions customized to my needs with Dirk enabled me to create an achievable plan for the coming year in my sport; giving me direction, focus and quietening the confusion in my mind. I know I couldn't have achieved this same level of clarity and calmness without immersing myself into the process over several days. The accommodation was amazing and comfortable with a beautiful mountain backdrop." ~ Laura (January 2024)


"My retreat experience with Dirk was priceless. In a matter of 4 days, I’d evolved from having no idea of my potential, feeling stuck and hopeless in my personal and professional life into having a renewed sense of self-empowerment, passion for my career and confidence to move into the next chapter of my life.  Dirk helped me with delving deeper and exploring my needs as a woman and as professional entrepreneur.

I was provided structured guidance whilst developing a new career journey.  One on one sessions with Dirk throughout the days provided me with a realistic plan to be able to continue moving forward. I am excited for the future now! My career has been flipped completely upside down and I have a new outlook on my abilities. Invigorating!

Dirk was always available to answer questions, talk through mental blocks and share his knowledge, without judgement. I appreciated having the visual guides of our progress and plans posted up on the wall for continued reference. I am a visual learner and the process of writing my own goals out on poster sized boards made it easier for me. I can’t wait to post them up on my walls at home.

The luxury accommodation was beautifully thought out and added to the experience of healing and rejuvenation. The sauna and cold plunge tank were a personal favorite! The sauna made from age old fir from Finland overlooks the rolling hills of the West Kootenays, where you can sit and watch the eagles riding the thermals and enjoy the vastness.  Dirk taught me the process of using sauna heat and cold plunge to better the body. After several days of fighting the discomfort of the intense heat and cold water, I was guided to reach a point of calmness, mental clarity, and deeper breathing. What an exhilarating feeling! 

I felt welcomed from the moment I arrived, the beautiful décor, fantastic food prepared for me was amazing. I appreciated the space in-between sessions to write, process, reflect and meditate. Every night I went to bed tired in a good way, waking up each day feeling more and more in tune with myself. I’d forgotten what it felt like to have to energy in the mornings!

The growth I’ve felt over the course of 3 days is hard to articulate in words as it’s overwhelming. I’ve been provided structure as we’ve developed plans for my ‘new’ career and personal life whilst being pushed to think beyond my comfort zones.  I am grateful for the vulnerability and honesty shown by Dirk to help me.  I look forward to continuing with Dirk’s coaching!

Now it's time to start healing, transforming and growing."

- C. Lauren (May 2024)

Please email or text today to book your dates in 2024.

We operate from May to October. First come first serve.

We also offer small-size 7-days group retreat packages at 4* and 5* Hotel Resorts in Europe + Mexico. Please contact me for the 2024/25 dates.

Take good care and see you soon at the "Ignite Your Brilliance Program",



3-day retreat The Fastes Way to boost your energy long-lasting..jpg

Congratulations! You have decided to engage me or one of our EmpowerHer faculty member as your accountability partner for the next 12 weeks. Your accountability calls are 1-1 Private Calls and they are intended o help you to achieve your targets faster. Each call is for 15 minutes each week for 12 weeks in total. During each call we reflect on your weekly session and accomplishments; we want to keep you committed so that you achieve your desired goals. Your accountability coaches will keep you focused and committed. Total cost for 12 calls: $299 US / $399 CAD / EUR 275


Our annual leadership summit is an intimate and intense-exclusive gathering of leaders and international expert speakers from all industries, discussing and contemplating relevant subjects in a transformative format and environment. This all-inclusive female-only event and is intended to be conducted in 2025. We will update you.


Seats are limited to 18 attendees.  Price will be announced soon.


We have specialized coaching high performing individuals; people that are in the public spotlight, VIP's and celebrities on social and public networks, industry professionals, c-level executives and professional athletes. We create a life plan with you, regardless of your age and gender, that will let you look back with no regrets. If you don't fit into one of the categories, we want to let you know that our coaching and retreats are for you too and we are excited to have you.


The entertainment industry is growing exponentially and the way people consume is constantly in flux. As a result, professionals must adapt quickly. In anticipation to the changes in the industry, we help and plan, prepare and execute diligently the crafted plan which is  based on a thorough client analysis and detailed market evaluation. In a world of complexity, the skill of de-constructing can be learned and mastered.


We analyse the individual status quo for the innate drivers of your passion, mission, vocation and skill, take a look into sociology-environmental influence and create a team to master future MACRO goals and at the same time managing the daily grind 10X and create a mindset for excellence on all levels. We truly understand the daily grind principles and help you to master the MICROS on your way to the MACRO.

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