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"Ignite Your Brilliance"

This carefully designed itinerary offers relaxation activities and essential personal space and time for your well-deserved rejuvenation. The program is designed for you to enjoy and experience your body in a new way. I am sure that you will have a deep relaxed smile on your face at the end of each day.


Schedule (two person stay)


Friday (Arrival Day)

4pm – 6pm Check-in

We appreciate that you and your friend have arrived safely at the retreat in Grand Forks, BC. (The exact coordinates for your GPS will provided prior to your arrival.) Now relax, enjoy the beautiful setting and get settled in. Take a shower, a walk in the forest, sip a coffee in the sun or power nap; you decide. I will be on site to welcome you, show you around and answer your questions.


6pm - Late Welcome: Beverages with fruit, cheese and meat on a charcuterie board (cold cuts). Your food preferences will be considered.


6:30pm - Opening with guided meditation and followed by a general program outline in a relaxed atmosphere with absolutely no pressure. We often find that this first meeting already leads our intuition towards a breakthrough or a ‘grande’ transformation throughout the next days.

Do you experience sleep challenges due to time change when you travel? We will introduce you to what resets your inner clock in a natural way (sunset exposure and earthing). I want you to have a deep and relaxing sleep.

Suggested bedtime: 9pm-ish because you will have to get up early tomorrow J


Your day starts before the sun rises.

Depending on the month you are with me at the retreat, the sun rises between 5:40am (May) and 4:50am (June and July) and 6:10am (September).


We are preparing for the first light experience. The sun rises just across from the retreat location and you will soak in the first sun rays.  We will provide blankets if needed for a memorisable experience to keep you warm while you let the first sun rays touch your face. We will finish our morning experience with a cold plunge and boosting the hormones for an exciting day ahead.


If you are new to the cold plunge, don’t worry. We can start with something not quite as extreme. You will be introduced to German preacher Kneipp and his teachings. Yes, he involved cold water therapy in his teachings; you guessed it.

Followed by a warm shower or enjoying warming-up in your bed before your breakfast gets served.


One word about your diet: I will not lecture you on the ‘right’ diet. In other words, there are a million (well, hundreds) different diet programs and I will not get on thin ice to figure out what’s best for everyone. There are too many variations and I don’t have the proper education in this field. I leave this to other professionals. Share your food preferences with me during our intake call.

However, I will share with you my own experiences over the years and what worked for me and what not.  We’ll leave it at that for now as we have many other things to cover. We may come back to the habits of eating when we discuss emotional eating habits later on.


The morning program continues with a coherence-building breathing exercise before jumping right into your one-on-one life coaching session (90 min). If you are here with your friend, she can rest during this time before her session comes up and you can take a stroll or relax during her session.

A light lunch will be served around noon before we start with the sauna sessions.

If you are brand new to the sauna experience, I will teach you the Finnish sauna fundamentals and how it helps to detox. You will enjoy the change of hot and cold and how it invigorates your whole body. You will feel truly alive. Please disclose any medical challenges in an email to me prior.


After the sauna, you will experience and enjoy your 2-hr highly intuitive massage session. Your friend can continue with the sauna or can take a shower and relax in her room with a book or take a nap. I will get myself into a state of presence during the massage allowing you to follow me and to experience deep relaxation simultaneously. After a massage debrief (we’ll talk about what you felt during the massage) your friend will be able to enjoy her massage while you can take a shower and rest as you desire. You may also enjoy the afternoon sun on the patio.


We will meet for dinner before we join into a fireside talk (either indoors in front of the wood stove or outside at the open fire pit). I will entertain a relevant and triggering topic to start the conversation and we’ll share our thoughts, experiences and ideas.

Suggested bedtime: 9pm-ish


Same routine as yesterday but in reverse order with your friend.

Yes, you’ll have to get up early again.

Monday (Departure Day)

We’ll say our last goodbyes and farewells over breakfast after we have started the day with either a cold plunge or first light exposure (or both).

The Private 1-1 wellness program includes 5 follow-up accountability calls (30 min each) to ensure long-term success and achievement. (Value $1,500).


8 Day / 7 Nights Retreat Schedules are very similar; you will have daily sessions and applications.

2 Week and 3 Week programs are available.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to ignite your brilliance.



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