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How To Change Your Old And Unwanted Habits Forever


I hope you are all doing well ... please let me share some insight with you today about how to change habits that don't serve us anymore.


Leaders that face challenges in their pursuit to elevate their game do something that most people won't do:


Leaders and top performers ask for help when new habits are required!

In there opinion asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it is a necessity to overcome obstacles and ask the best for their advise and consult with experienced experts in their field to get to the top - faster and smoother.


When I receive one of those phone calls and requests for coaching it often boils down to reprogram old habits such as unwanted responses to external stressors (such as life situations, people, competitions, public appearances, etc). 


In sport and business old habits can be very limiting and painful in moving forward in your career.


Here is a great quote from John Powell that describes how we can change old habits. For those that don't know John ... he is a 3-times Olympian for the US and former World Record Holder in discus throw (1975):

"Don't break an old habit. Establish a new habit!"


If you wish to establish a new habit ... nothing happens until you move.

Assignment for the week


Start establishing a new habit right NOW. Start using a manual and write down what you are grateful for ... put your cell phone on mute for 3 hours and get work done ... mail the person you discussed a business deal with a personal written note instead of an email ... say 'thank-you' to your staff at least once a day ... tell your children to be awesome ... hug your spouse when you get home ... read a book on the weekend, etc.


Establishing a new habit starts with doing it NOW. Because we like to procrastinate.

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Congrats ... you just have established a new habit by taking action NOW.

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