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For Coffee Lovers, Tokyo Athletes and other Curious People who grind daily


I like coffee and I like to spend the weekends camping and hiking.


Both, camping and hiking is a way to slow down for me and my family and I while I am in the woods or at a lake, I thought it would be appropriate to use a manual coffee grinder in the morning and celebrate the art of coffee making in nature. To put it into perspective, I must say that we use an electric coffee grinder at home during the week.

We went into different outdoor stores in Revelstoke, BC during one of our trips most recently and looked for coffee brewing inspirations. I saw one coffee grinder but didn’t buy it.

Father’s Day came and my three daughters had a coffee grinder for me. Manufactured in Japan.


“Cool” I thought “and how timely” as the Olympic Games are just a month away and with half a dozen athletes that I am coaching I was already dialed into the Games helping ‘my‘ athletes to prepare and ready to deliver.

Back to the coffee grinder: the most important part of the grinder is the burr and this one has a ceramic burr, which can never rust, never impact the taste of the coffee and has sharp and durable blades that will crush the coffee beans. Wow, how thoughtful.

I am the one that never reads technical instructions, but this time I did and found something remarkable that I would like to share with you:

Our lives consists of unknowns and knowns, ups and downs, variables and constants and requires from us to be consistent and embracing the daily grind. The product instructions says ‘putting in too many beans will make the handle difficult to turn’.


Same applies in our lives. Handling too many things at the same time will make it difficult to turn our lives!


If you want results you have to show up and put effort into the game, too many things at the same time can bring the grind to a halt and you will lose momentum. Worst case, you have too many things and your handle will brake (breakdown syndrome).


Have just the right amount of coffee beans at the time and build just enough force so that you can turn the handle but knowing you will not break it.

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