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Am I On A Mission? Is It My Passion? Is It A 'Hell-Yes'?

I would like to share a conversation with one of my clients from today. My client is a social media entrepreneur.

We have finalizing the strategic planning for the second half of this year and set quarterly objectives (micro targets) and discussed how and why to achieve them. 


Toward the end of our weekly scheduled session my client asked me 


"Dirk, what would you recommend to every young professional at the beginning of their career? Is there something that everyone can do to be successful? Regardless of the industry they are in."


He was clearly asking me to share one of the 'Can't-Fail-Ideas'.


I remembered the following principle that I heard from Charlie Munger.

Mr. Munger is 93 years old and Warren Buffets business partner:


"In my whole life I have never succeeded in much I wasn't interested in." 

In other words, always find something that you are interested in. Be curious. Figure out what your talents are. What you like and what you dislike. What makes you tick?

Find what fascinates you.

Then specialize and get very good at it.


Ask yourself if you can imagine doing 'it' for the rest of your life. If it is a 'hell-yes' make sure to hold on to it.


If you don't love what you are doing you will never become good at it - and you will become miserable. 


If you don't love your craft you are doing - you will quit eventually.


You gotta love it because becoming successful means you have to practice it every day.

If you don't practice - you will lose!

Assignment for the week


Find your 'hell-yes' and make no mistakes. The 'hell-yes' response comes immediately when you ask the question.

It's your first thought. Your second response is a thought and most often defined as a doubt that is 'ego-driven'. Listen to the first response.

What's your 'hell-yes'?


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