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Empowering Women in Business and Life.

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Whether you are a stressed and burned out individual, an entrepreneur or business owner, a c-level executive, an artist or entertainer, a designer or professional athlete, we will help you to thrive in your life. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to each of our client's case and customize our services to your individual needs and requirements. We help you to identify your true and innate passion and drive, your strength and weakness and create a plan, and prepare you to execute your plan successfully. Dirk Stroda coaches and welcomes individuals from all walks of life and athletes.



Dirk Stroda is offering now small group individualized wellness retreat packages with focus on de-stressing and finding coherence in your daily life through heart-focused meditation and breathing sessions, coaching sessions, massages and hot/cold exposure experiences.

If you are faced with an unexpected change in your career or in your relationship or you are looking for a lifestyle change or suffering from a burnout at work or at home, this 1:1 wellness program will address what you are faced with and guides you toward the desired outcome. Enjoy our outdoor Finnish wood fired sauna, ice bath, relaxing daily massage and stretching treatments and individual coaching sessions. The retreat facility is located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia set on a mountainside with panoramic views into the mountains and surrounded by a forest that invites for hiking/walking. Weekend and all-week packages are available.

Please contact Dirk for details and available dates here. Escape the concrete jungle and look for a total relaxation in nature that will benefit your body, mind and soul in our luxury retreat. Meals and healthy snacks will be coordinated with your personal preferences.

This wellness retreat is primarily for woman that are looking for clarity, guidance and empowerment. Everything about the Wellness Retreats <here>


Connecting The Dots+    Placing The Dots.



You can work directly with Dirk Stroda to accelerate your personal growth, your brand and your business. Before results can materialize, we analyse your fundamentals and identify goals, goal clarity and map out a clear path toward your goal completion. We'll work with you on your 1-3-5-10-20 year legacy. Apply here and schedule a private conversation with Dirk Stroda.


The resources are at your fingertips to reset your mind and find back success in your life. We will use advanced tools and principles to change the results in your life, your business, your relationships and ultimately the bottom line in 10 weeks or less. Possibly the best investment that you can give yourself or/and others. Read everything about this program. Apply here and schedule a private conversation with Dirk Stroda.

6/12 MONTH

Coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and specific requirements to achieve goal completion successfully. We are looking for measurable results and build a strategy that includes regular time audits for more productivity and focus, daily and weekly briefings and de-briefings to keep you accountable to reach your goals and outperform your industry. Coaching sessions start at $500 US per month.


We apply methods, principles, and proven scientific tools to program you for success on all levels. When limited believes are identified and hold-back patterns are disrupted, your innate capabilities and skills can lead you the way to a next breakthrough and your ultimate goal achievement - your Legacy.



“We have to stop asking ourselves how good we can complete the task; we have to start asking ourselves how good can the task be completed.”

Dirk Stroda, President

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