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Dirk Stroda

Mental High Performance + Legacy Coach
Measurable Results

Become an Influence, a Leader and the best possible version of you ... and at the same time keep your life growing while focused and centered.

Finding your inner voice and creating a consistent message through a structured and engaging program ...

A full week of excellence and transformation in a world-class transformational environment.

His Legacy Methods

I am looking behind my clients’ past and present challenges by listening into them (rather than listening to them) and help them to lean in and choose productive and purposeful futures by making personal choices based on principles and

taking responsibility for them.

Dirk Stroda?
  • #1 Legacy Coach in the U.S. & Canada

  • 30+ years of Coaching Experience

  • Has Coached Thousands world-wide

  • From Olympic Champions to Performing Artists & Public Figures

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Working with the #1 Legacy Coach

Do you feel lonely and afraid at the Top? 

Trying to surround yourself with high achievers and individuals that know how to stay at the top?

If personal, financial and professional success matters to you,

Dirk Stroda is the missing link between where you are and where you want to be.​

We care more.

We do more.

We protect more.

We have a greater outcome than anyone.

Hard work isn't always enough. You need a strategy and commit to the plan. 

We create Legacy with you.


Performance Anxiety


Lack of Focus

Stress & Emotions



Leadership Tools

Dirk Stroda is an integral part of my program and success.  He has helped me to define my priorities and goals and to balance my family life with my business and my athletic goals.  With Dirk's help I found balance and direction resulting in the necessary confidence to achieve goals like going to the Rio Olympics in 2016 and winning the Canadian Championships in 2017.

Amy Millar, Olympian, National Champion