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Why Do We Ask The Wrong Question


What is probably one of the most asked questions in our lives, it's also a question that limits us the most.

To find great answers on the obstacles of life that build up in front of us we have to ask great questions. I am not alone with this idea. 

Gary Keller wrote "The challenge of asking a Great Question is that, once you've asked it, you're now faced with finding a Great Answer."

Asking 'great' questions is a skill that can be cultivated over time.


What I want to share with you in this article requires one little tweak. And I will promise you that the effects will be significant and will lead you toward a whole different perspective and eventually outcome in your life, relationship, career, etc.

"It's not about the HOW, it's all about the WHO."

  • "Who is able and experienced to help me solve this problem?"

  • "Who has the knowledge to support me with this project?"

  • "Who has done this expedition before and can give me valuable advice?"


High achievers have the ability to ask for help. They ask for help when they want something big and bold and they know that the end goal is beyond their current limitations; so the ask.


You may have heard that many of the top performers did not attend the prestigious Universities and quite often they failed miserably in the traditional educational system.


However, they placed the "WHO's" in strategic positions of their companies and made sure that the team was there to build the company on several pillars, each of them led by the best in the industry; the WHO's.

Your assignment for the week: Identify what you need to bring your company, your team, your career or your performance to the next level. Now ask yourself, if you are skilled enough to lead your company and your team to the next level or if you need expert support? 

You could hire a coach, a mentor or a consultant who can give you the right ideas and can help you with your strategies. You may also want to consider to mock (imitate) the outcome of the organisational changes before you actually implement them.

List the MACRO idea and ask yourself if you have the tools and the support to conquer the MACRO goal with the necessary MICRO steps.

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