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See Better (the Future), Perform Better and Live Better.
I was observing the first signs of this pandemic early March 2020. We had booked a spring break trip to Miami and left for the trip when it started to heat up but it wasn't cooking yet. 5 days into the trip, we were faced with what we call now 'the new normal'. We left Miami and flew home. Performed our quarantine and sorted out how our lives have changed and how to adapt.
My coaching practice continued during the quarantine as I connect online with my clients almost 100% of the time. However, the conditions were completely different.
Where there was ease before - uncertainty took over. Where there was a plan in place before - the stepping stones to reach the next goal were taken away. At least they were blurry and it felt risky to jump into the next chapter.
The new life chapter we were in all of a sudden felt extremely complex. The data we were given was inconsistent, the expert advice we heard was changing from day to day depending who was talking. 
I was asking myself if I have been in a similar situations before and what I did to come out of it. No pandemic experience before - but similar complex and difficult chapters. Like all of us.
It was mid- March 2020 and I had to make a choice; for myself and for my clients.
"Is this pandemic an excuse or
can it become an opportunity?"
The one path can be achieved with little or no effort (excuse) the other path can only be achieved with a focused mind and a significant amount of conscious energy.
Here are some takeaways from the last three months. They are still applicable and relevant. It's not too late to adopt them now:
"You must have a plan and you must adapt your plan every day."
"You must be innovative and highly creative. If this is not your strength, find somebody that can help you."
"If the service industry is changing - you must change and acquire the skills that you need to position yourself in the new playing field."

"If the retail industry is changing - you must change and look for where the customers are heading and be there when they arrive."
"If you don't want to get sidetracked (and end in nowhere land), have your written goals on your fridge. Look at them every day. Send a progress report to your coach."
My clients have achieved measurable results during the pandemic when others were stagnant or declined. The reason to achieve results that created confidence and fueled the momentum was their attitude:

       An opportunistic* mind can see better,
perform better and live better.
*seeing chances in unusual circumstances to help yourself and others
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