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To Be On Time Is Too Late For A Champion


Are you sick and tired of meetings (in=person and virtual ones) are a waste of time and you want to implement a winning habit that you can keep throughout the year?

Here is one ... and it's easy to implement and benefit from:


It's a principle that will help you to prepare and collect your thoughts before meetings. It will help you to calm down, become centered and more focused and present.


It's called Lombardi Time!

And what it means, you show up 15 minutes earlier than usual. 


Lombardi time is regular time minus 15 minutes.


Hall of Fame Coach Vince Lombardi was the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers from 1959 to 1967 and had an incredible regular and post-season record of 105 wins, 35 losses, and 6 ties in the NFL, with two Super Bowl victories during his tenure.


Some of that success could be attributed to Lombardi Time.


So what’s Lombardi time? Lombardi always taught his players and coaching staff they should arrive 15 minutes early to a meeting or an appointment. This extra time allows you to prepare and collect your thoughts. If a team meeting started at 5:00pm, Lombardi expected everyone to be present at 4:45pm. If a player arrived on time (5pm), he was considered late. Many of former Green Bay players and coaching assistants claimed that “Lombardi Time” taught them discipline and helped them to appreciate how the value of their time.


It's time for me to leave my office now for a meeting. And I will be there 15 minutes ahead of schedule!

Assignment for the week

Apply the Lombardi time into your schedule and take notes of the results. I have never experienced a better return of my own investment (time). If you like your results then share this article with your friends, children, co-workers and other family members. If you manage a business, share the Lombardi story with your team and see how who will adapt to it. 

If you accept unprepared and sidetracked staff members (being in lala land) in a scheduled meeting, you turn off those staff members that are prepared and present. Think about this.

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