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Is This The Best It Can Be Done?


During the 2017 Summer I took my oldest children Aaron and Noemi to our cottage on the east coast to do some clean up in and around the cottage. We haven't been there for quite a while and Noemi and I enjoyed looking into the old storage boxes on the loft.


I found my old Motorola cell phone from 1997. My daughter (born in 1998) looked at me and thought I was joking when I held this flip phone aka "brick" against my ear and telling her the story when I first bought it. 


Kudos to Motorola, the brick still works after 20 years but aren't their significantly better cell phones out there in the marketplace?


In my capacity as Mental Performance Coach for Olympians, CEO's, artists, CEOs and people in highly stressful environments (pilots, fire fighters, policeman, medical personnel) I can still observe that some of the so called experts are selling old, old methods as hot cake to their uneducated clientele. Like the Motorola brick, some of their recommendations may still work, but we can do better.


We can do better! We must do better!


Here are some of the steps I am deeply contemplating with my clients:


  • Do you have goal clarity and your legacy statements?

  • Are your goals and your mind strong and high enough to battle the daily grind?

  • Is purpose a strong driver for you?

  • Can you build on your stamina and resiliency?

  • Have you identified your strength and your weaknesses? What should you do with your weak spots?

  • What are your performance indicators?


If you are NOT spending time to strategically plan your preparation you still trust the Motorola 1997. It might work - it might NOT.


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Assignment for the week

This week's assignment is a short one but it can have the biggest results in your life.


What are you doing right now at your best abilities but what can be done far better by other people? such as updating your website, writing a business plan, designing a logo, mapping out a business strategy, etc.

Exceptional success was and still is created by the people that do not ask

"How can I do this?" but "Who can help me doing this the best possible way?"

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