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Let me start with facts and a bit of science.

Cardioelectromagnetic communication describes how the magnetic fields produced by the heart are involved in energetic communication between humans and animals.


Our hearts are the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in our body; the electrical field is 60 times greater and the magnetic field 100 times greater than the field generated by the brain. The heart is a true energy power house that influences our own cells and beyond.


We all have met happy people and we all remember the good feeling when we are in good company. The ‘good feeling’ when we are surrounded by humans can truly be felt; it can change our own mood, it can make us excited and can energize us up.


Each of us constantly produces an electromagnetic field and radiates this energy in all directions. Magnetometers have shown that our field reaches out 3 ft. My wife can tell what mood I am in when I come home before we start a conversation. She can sense the field I am radiating in this very moment.


The ability to sense what other people feel helps us to connect with each other and communicate compassionately with them. When we engage in conversations and social interactions we synchronize with other; vocally, physically and even our body movements, facial expressions and our posture adapts. We express empathy. And the more coherent we are the more empathetic we can become. Coherency can be seen in a state of appreciation and love. Incoherency is a result of anger and fear.


The closer we connect with an other person, for example with a hand-shake or a hug when the meeting starts, the more we synchronize with them.

The ability to synchronize with other humans lessens when we move away from each other. Social distancing with each other is disconnecting to others and their field. Our ability to radiate a ‘good feeling’ and nurture others is blocked when we are in distance with others.


We not only waste our innate ability to positive influence others with our positive field we also feel frustrated and angry when we observe at what is around us. Anger brings us away from our ability to be in a coherent state and makes us more incoherent; in other words, we are less at ease and more in dis-ease.


Studies are showing that animals are reacting instantaneously to the human field. The effect of the human HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is well observed by dog and horse owners and is substantiated by several studies. Dogs and horses mirror immediately the emotional state of its owner.


In my work with my clients I have conveyed this information since the early 2000 and since then it became an integral part for high performance equestrians building a true connection with their partner (the horse). The level of synchronization is ‘the glue’ between the rider and the horse.


Promoting coherence and implementing coherence-building techniques into corporate structures has helped executives, managers and teams of sales forces to shift from chaos to a compassionate and productive environment.


The same applies to families and households across the US and Canada and how coherence is the fundamental building block to provide a ‘safe house’ for children.


With high and positive energy,


Dirk Stroda

Mental High Performance Coach


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