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We all have the same amount of time per day. Every day.

But there are some people that are more productive, more creative and more successful than others. And happier. Why is that?
This generation is the most distracted generation ever lived. 

We are committed to teach you ways to beat the trend and coach you tools that have been proven to be successful for our clients.

We can either act from comfort or pain. Our body is not made to survive prolonged stress and pain; it breaks. Let me guide you toward a healthy understanding that in order for us to grow we need comfort and challenge. Changes can be found in nature and it is healthy. No constant can be found in nature; yet we think that change is bad. Here is how you can cultivate your comfort zone. READ this article by DIRK STRODA.



We sometimes wonder why school hasn't taught us the vital skills that can help us to run a business successfully and how to become successful in other parts of life. Don't blame the school curriculum. Here is a list of 5 principles you can teach your children.  

READ this article by DIRK STRODA                               

Life can be very complex. Complexity is not a motivator to do things. We give up when things get too complex. When we begin to deconstruct complexity, we can create results. Learn about the 1% approach that gets you to the finish line.

READ this article by DIRK STRODA

Turn your watch to Lombardi Time. You will learn an easy way to be prepared for the next task, to outperform your competitors and have more fun while you are focused and present. I wish that I knew this 30 years ago; I wish that people I do business with apply this.

READ this article by DIRK STRODA (one of my favorite)

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