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Five Principles That We Should Learn At School


Here is some profoundness for parents and coaches. And business owners.


I had the privilege during the last 2 weeks to work with junior high performance athletes.  


Working with junior athletes reminded me on the five fundamental principles. We sometimes forget about those principles ... they seem to me highly critical and of significance for our future generations.


I receive many emails from parents with serious concerns and questions about their athletic children, the sacrifice and as it looks to the outside the imbalance of the triangle (school - family - sport) and the resulting consequences of those that are involved. HP sport is only a sacrifice when we miss out the exceptional learning opportunities and principles for future success that sport can provide.


I would like to share some of those principles with you today.


Assess the 5 principles when you have a moment and make a reality check. Because assessing is better than guessing.


What is most important?


#1 Passion and the love for the sport!

You would be amazed how many young athletes don't have passion clarity. The sport arena is the perfect environment for a young person to find passion and purpose - something that is uniquely theirs. Passion means excitement and the innate drive and ability to create and have focus. Help your children to discover their passion. 


#2 Curiosity

Teach and allow your children to develop curiosity when they are young. I remember the final prep phase prior to the Rio Olympics in 2016. I was responsible for the preparation of 13 athletes for the Games and one aspect of our preparation was to develop a curious mind.  Please keep in mind that those 13 athletes were between the age of 22 and 40. Curiosity is an innate ability that children have and as adults have to re-learn to be able to adapt to the fast changes in our business world.


#3 Persistence

Success in high performance sport can only be achieved with a long haul approach. Our culture is selling us is fake news. Let sport teach our children that excellence can not be found in the 'Easy Department' and that instant gratifications will only have zero gain. Persistence and patience will outperform every time and in every arena (sport and corporate environments).


#4 Robustness

When we talk about expansion and personal growth of athletes it comes with a price tag. The price we pay for our personal growth is giving up the idea that we can always achieve excellence in comfort. True learning experiences are also happening outside of comfort and it is OK to teach your child being uncomfortable. Managing uncomfortable situations on the field or in the gym will teach valuable skills that are critical in future working environments.


#5 Communication

Reading people's behavior and communicate team strategies will sharpen your mind and teaches you to observe and listen with a focused mind. Communication is a sign of progress. It is also the start of deep learning and understanding your content within the larger context.


As a parent, look for an environment for your child that teaches and allows to experience all 5 principles presented here.


As a coach, remember the 5 principles. Teach them by example. Have the big picture for your athlete in mind and disregard the annual coaches evaluation sheets that gets send out to parents and athletes after the last game. Be more concerned what kind of long-term impact you will leave on your athletes and how you equip them with a competitive advantage for the 21st Century.

Assignment for the week

Review all 5 principles and re-asses your approach to apply them in your life and business and discuss them with your children. Look for improvements. Ask yourself "Is this the best it can be done?"

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