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You Don't Want To Be The Smartest In The Room

I am quite often asked by athletes if they should watch their competitors train or compete.

My answer is "If they are better than you and if there is potential for you to learn - WATCH!!!

If they are not better than you, look in a different direction!"


Others are saying: 

"Don't watch beginners! You'll end up just like them!"


Neuroscience is giving us prove that the previous statements are correct.


Our brain is picking up on the movements of others and in doing, increasing the probability that the observer will do likewise. Good or bad!


In one of my coaching session from last week, my client stated that over time she has now become the best performer in her training group. The challenge is that she is in a mid-level performance group and her aspiration is to move up to the best in her discipline. 


The neurons in her brain create a so called mirror response based on what my client is observing on a day-to-day basis. And as you can imagine, the growth potential is limited, when you are the best in your group and can only look at less skilled athletes.


You cannot ignore your brain response and it is a key indicator for your performance to surround yourself with the best to become the best.


Don't watch the beginners. Watch the experts!

My son is currently working on his Master thesis in mechanical engineering. He has one more moth to go and to finish is 80 page paper. He is looking out for a job in his field and he's excited to get his hands dirty. Here is what I told him "Look for an environment where you will not be the smartest. Look out for a company that has experienced, well-trained expert staff where you can still learn from."

Assignment for this week


Take a good look at your environment and make decisions - not excuses!

Not sure what to do? You probably have to make a change!

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