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My Legacy Coaching Method

Legacy Coaching starts at the core level of who we are and what we want to become rather than focusing on past or current symptoms. Asking for the 'WHY' can truly bring out the innate desire and talents, the motivation and aspiration.

The Legacy Coaching Method is designed to help ambitious individuals achieving personal + professional goals, we clarify goals and targets and break unwanted patterns that can cause unwanted results.

Legacy Coaching includes all of the seven building blocks (Health, Wealth, Mind, Career, Relationship, Leadership and Productivity) to build a strong foundation on which long-lasting legacy can be build.


Without a strong foundation success in life, in sport or in business, is a gamble.

Dirk's clients are among the best in the world; he helped international and Pro athletes and National Teams towards 13 Olympic Summer & Winter Games, many World Championships and PanAm Games and countless World Cups and National Championships. His corporate clients achieved the highest business awards and accolades in their industries. His clients in public positions became impactful leaders and influencers.

We will be working with you on the following:

  • Preventing Burnout 

  • Promoting Purpose + Clarity + Certainty

  • Career Strategies + Planning

  • Improving Communication and Listening Skills

  • Implementing Emotional Intelligence Skills

Corporations, people in public positions and corporate leaders are among his list of valued clientele.

"Dirk Stroda is keenly aware of the new direction we all must take."
C. Mohr, Kelowna, BC, Canada