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Find Out What Fuels You - Then Do It Every Day


It's our nature: we want to get better in what we are doing.


Artists, musicians and athletes train and acquire skills that will better them physically, technically and mentally. They train every day. If they miss one day of practice, they know that their competitors will have an advantage - so they train harder the next day.


Students study. They know that studying every day will do the trick and make the tests easy.


John Keats made a decision and devoted his life to writing poetry. He wanted to write a very long poem. To be exact, the poem should have 4,000 lines. He achieved his goal of writing 4,000 lines with an impossible deadline. He gave himself 7 months ... and he wrote 50 lines per day.


Keats not only wrote his masterpiece "Endymion" but made many invaluable experiences I want to share with you:


  • He managed to overcome the writer's block by writing every day and regardless of any obstacles.

  • He trained himself to write quickly and with intensity and laser sharp focus.

  • He learned that his best ideas came from actually the writing of the poem and he was afraid of losing his best ideas - so he kept writing and writing.


The take away:


Find what excites you and what you are passionate about. Do it and do it often. Do it every day. Miracles and masterpieces happen when you do them - not when you want them.


Keats had his most productive two years of his short life by giving himself the rigorous task of writing 4,000 lines, step by step and day by day. He is considered one of the greatest in the history of Western literature.


Assignment for the week

Answer the following question to yourself:


"What would you like to do for the rest of your life?"

Write your answer on paper and keep it visible for your eyes and as a constant reminder


You may not write a bestseller as Keats did but you may find the unique gift in you and can change everything in your life. If you or your children struggle with finding their true gift you may want to consider a conversation with an expert who can help you finding the answer. 

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