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LIVE Seminars

Dirk Stroda shares his fundamental knowledge of how to create legacy with the audience and breaks down his legacy concept in its seven levels; with the understanding how they work in sync and how they shape your uniqueness and drives success.

Everyone will walk out of Stroda's LIVE Seminars with ideas, tools, profound practices and a first draft of their personal legacy statements. You will experience the powerful simplicity and transformational momentum that propels you to take action.

Your purposeful action is truly authentic and clear and useful in its consistent message to the world.


If your financial, personal or professional success or your reputation in the market field matters to you, then Dirk Stroda's LIVE seminar is your answer and what you want to attend.


For Dirk Stroda and his clients attending two to four seminars, workshops and expert gatherings per year is an absolute must. You owe it to your personal self-development, your growth and creative and intellectual nurturement. 

"There is nothing like physically attending a gathering of high energy frequency and inspiration. A live gathering has the potential to propel you to the next higher level in hours for what can take years otherwise. Meeting with other individuals and sharing, laughing and collaborating is life-altering and 90% of my attendees are putting the new-learned into action the next day at work, at home and in their daily routines," describes Dirk.

Experience the secretes of Uber Performers and make them your very 'Own' in just one weekend.

Where should we host our next LIVE Seminar for you?

"Felt every minute of your presentation, its like chicken soup to me."
 - Carol B., Vancouver, BC,  Canada
“We can truly recommend Dirk Stroda
and his profound experience for national and international
high-scale events. 
Emotional Management is the next paradigm shift in sports –
the next sports frontier.”
M. Meniskova, Australia
Education Manager, Definitive Events