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1-Week Legacy Seminar

The Next 1-Week Legacy Seminar Fall 2020


This event invites you to a full 1-Week of excellence where you are surrounded by exceptional individuals in a word-class facility. We have created a set up for you to transform to the person you want to become and to create the mindset to achieve your vision, goals and targets; a stimulus that removes limitations and promotes principles of success and excellence in a world that changes exponentially.


The learning is an active process created by and with high performing individuals in small and intimate group settings.


Based on a structured curriculum, attendees will learn from exceptional achievers in Global Health, Addiction, Business + Finances; all of them individuals that have mastered extremely challenging life situations. Not only will you meet and interact with Olympic Champions, highly regarded entrepreneurs and experts in their domains you will also be enabled to understand their conceptual competence that made them to the leaders in their field of entrepreneurial excellence, startup success, wealth creation and how they managed successfully to come back from zero to hero.


This unique 1-week event focuses on exponential personal growth in the shortest amount of time. The intensive course includes detailed analysis of notes, scripts, quotes, videos and individualized strategies conveyed in a 1-to-1 meeting with Dirk Stroda. You will meet with living legends and understand their way of building a life-long legacy for themselves, their business, and their family.


This is an all-inclusive week with luxury meeting and break-out rooms and your private accommodation, three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) provided by a chef in an exclusive setting. You will enjoy the Royal Treatment.


We have organized to pick you up from the airport and drive you to the venue (and back after the event). No rental car is required or recommended during your 1-week stay. If you wish to extend your stay after the 1-week event and to discuss your food preferences for the event please arrange with our event concierge.

"Felt every minute of your presentation, its like chicken soup to me."
 - Carol B., Vancouver, BC,  Canada
“We can truly recommend Dirk Stroda
and his profound experience for national and international
high-scale events. 
Emotional Management is the next paradigm shift in sports –
the next sports frontier.”
M. Meniskova, Australia
Education Manager, Definitive Events
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