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Learn + Apply With Purpose and Intention

Remove the typical excuses in your life, lean back and let us inspire you and enable you to move forward with clarity and confidence and a viable strategy that includes a realistic plan ready for execution for you and your team to reach the finish line without the burnout half way.

We'd like to coach you toward your goal and desired destination. It is vital that you have the right tools and skills for your journey. The path that you choose will determine if you can complete your goal.


Nobody becomes a Champion by accident.

Welcome to the coaching principles and methodologies of Dirk Stroda et al.


Choose from the selected list of complementary content below.

Stress & Stress Management


Mindset of a Champion

Productivity & Creativity


Using this worksheet will allow you to gain more clarity, more productivity, focus and happiness and keep your eyes on the things that matter to you. 

This worksheet has been used in numerous coaching sessions with clients (Olympians, CEOs, Executives) but we thought to release it to the public (you) and make it available to everyone.

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