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Becoming a
Private Client & LegacyInsider

"One of the most successful ways to build confidence and create epic results is to be prepared and work with a coach. I am working with business owners as their 'Mindset Coach'. I sometimes start working with my clients from scratch during the early stages of building their business; in other cases with existing and established businesses and brands we aim for impact and positive influence on the market and create momentum to achieve the next levels of success.


A coach helps you to identify what is holding you back and how to move forward and grow. Coaches make learning successful tools easy for you.


I work with private clients following a proven Step-by-Step Strategy. This program will give you a celebrity-level access for one full year (12 months)."


A private in-depth assessment and strategic planning session gets crafted and leads to goal clarity and establishes steps toward your successful goal achievement. Weekly and quarterly briefings and de-briefing sessions ensure that you stay on your trajectory to become an authentic and successful individual in your field of expertise and in your domain.

Over the course of one full year you will have access to Dirk Stroda's direct email and text for personalized answers to your questions. 

Dirk will cover all facets in life (physical, mental, relationships, financial, career, intellectual, etc) that determine the outcome of your success. Uncovering hold-backs and road-blogs will enable you to catapult your career and happiness to the next level. He will help you to adopt the mindset of winners by re-programming and rewiring new routines and habits.

Dirk will review and de-brief with you quarterly results and keeps you committed to achieve your goals.

During the course of this one year program, you will have access to exclusive expert advise recordings and LIVE group calls. You will be the first to know about public events and conferences, publications, new products and Dirk's insider tools. All of what Dirk publishes during your coaching year, you will be the first to have access to it at no additional costs. Your one time fee will keep you covered for one full year.

This program has enabled graduates to:

  • Achieve the highest accomplishments in their career

  • Transformed from being an amateur to a professional

  • Increase confidence and self-consciousness

  • Become a profound communicator 

  • Create tangible results

  • Deliver products and performances to huge audiences

Next Steps:

Complete the online enrollment for this LegacyInsider Program.

The future is fast approaching and you'll be part of it with a new skill set and tools vital to achieve your dreams! If you are ready to become a masterful influencer in your domain, or you want to join an elite and inspiring group of individuals that refuse to settle for the ordinary, be one of the hand-selected that Dirk welcomes to his LegacyInsider Coaching.


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Group Seminars (Athlete - Parents- Coaches, Corporate, Start-up, Community, Academy & Sport Clubs, National Teams, etc) will leave you with insight, clarity and structure. We encourage the group members to dream big and show you how to develop steps that will get you there. We will listen to your story with a special interest and attention to the context.

Please email us and discuss how Dirk Stroda can conduct a group seminar for you with impact and influence.