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First Things First.

You are reading this because you want to change your mindset in 10 weeks; and you have strong reasons to do that. I can help you achieving this goal with a customized 1:1 coaching program. You will not receive any pre-recorded sessions. You will get real 1:1 face time with me. Every day (Monday to Friday) for 20 minutes; and for 10 weeks. But wait, there's more. 


If that's what you are looking for

please keep reading.



Imagine your mind as a compass for a moment. One of those old fashioned ones that people use in the wilderness before we started trusting GPS systems. The most current events have made it difficult for you to find your right path. It's more sideways right now then moving forward NORTH.

Sure enough, we can blame the current situation and events and use it as an excuse for idling or we can start using our mind and change our perception to see this as an opportunity. I admit it still is a challenging opportunity but far better then standing still and not moving at all. 

If idling is good enough for you don't continue reading the next lines; because it is only made for those who want to see their future as an opportunity. However, good hopes and good intentions are a valued prerequisite for your success but in today's world you need different skills for you to weather the storm.

I have made it easy for you to use this year to help you kick-starting and revamping your career, partnership, business and your life to a new and higher level. 


  • What if I can help you to identify your life motives?

  • What if I can help you to define your MACROS?

  • What if I can coach you the skills needed for your future? 

  • What if I can help you to see your hold-backs?

  • What if you can start seeing who created your inner negative voice. It's certainly not you!

The 10-week coaching commitment consists of the following:

1. Please apply to this 1:1 coaching program with Dirk Stroda and click here. I will personally contact you and will let you know if working with me will benefit you. As mentioned before, I like to work with those who are willing move and can stretch their minds.

2. The coaching commitments starts with a 2 hour In-Take-Session.

We will find out what your motives are, what are your MACROS and what hold-backs you have and other specifics about yourself and your environment. If possible, I would like to establish goal clarity with you early on and how we measure your success. Yes, I want to show you how to create measurable success.

3. The next 10-weeks are focus-target and geared toward the grinding process of transforming your mind. We'll do this by daily scheduled 1:1 sessions via phone or Face-time from Monday to Friday. Each scheduled 1:1 session is 20 min.

During this time you'll have direct access to me through text during the day.

4. At the end of the 10 weeks we'll perform a 2 hour Take-Off-Session. You will have a clear motive and you have done the work to be resilient, prepared and have goal clarity. You'll also have a strategy and have started executing parts of your strategy.

5. I will personally write a Cruise-Report just for you that will outline the next steps toward goal completion. Remember, we have passed the Take-Off stage and you will be able to cruise on high altitude along achieving your MICROS.

Why you would join this program and commit to it for 10 weeks:


"I feel stuck and hopeless."


"I feel that my goals are out of reach for me right now."


"I don't have a viable plan that I can follow."


"I am not where I want to be right now with my life."


"I have no energy to move forward."

Dirk Stroda is a trusted coach for C Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Managers, Artists, Professional and Amateur Athletes and Olympians.

This is not just a course. No group calls whatsoever.

Or cookie-cutter one-fits-all stuff.

It's a 1:1 personal coaching from start-to-finish. All session are confidential.



Canadian Clients pay per e-transfer or cheque. Instructions here.

All other Clients please pay below.

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