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Focus is a skill that can be learned. It must be understood in order to create massive success. Focus and peripheral focus starts with our ability to be aware.

"How does it feel?" is what brings you closer to an awareness level that can guide you. Peripheral awareness is required to funnel your energy on to the most relevant subject. 


What if we have been asking ourselves the wrong question all these years? What if asking the right question can make the desired change in our business? Asking the right questions is a skill that can be learned. I am sharing with you in this article the most profound change when it comes to ask the right stuff. 

READ  the fill article by Dirk Stroda

Change is good, say people. If the outcome is good, then change is good! Every stimulus triggers change. If you start drinking like a maniac you initiated a change, for sure. However, it's not a good one and you may regret it when you are in the hospital with organ failure.

READ the full article by Dirk Stroda

If you want to test the water, observe the water. If you want to test your business idea, test your idea. Test it in good times and bad times. Look what experts do (not say) as long as they have skin in the game. Adopt a surfer's way of observing the waves.

READ this article by Dirk Stroda (one of my favorite)

You don't do yourself a favor to watch a beginner. To listen to a beginner and to copy them. What you see, you'll become is still true and should lead you toward the wanted outcome. Watch the best. Surround yourself with the best. Listen to the best and communicate with the best. Be polite but avoid mediocrity.

READ this article by Dirk Stroda

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