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Dirk Stroda
How to Make Life Work and Build a Legacy


This book isn't like any you've ever read. There is no fluff or filler - just battle-tested and bulletproof strategies to make life work for you. The book shows you how to make improvements to your life that will change your outcome and your results.
The book is highly practical and Dirk Stroda has found a way for the reader to help distill the most fundamental seven aspects in life to (re) discover happiness, success and enthusiasm.
You can order the book below:
How to Make Life Work ...
The Art of Creating Epic Results
Learn from epic performers. Revealing the secret of what the 1% actually do will open your eyes and changes your approach toward profound decisions resulting in 10X impact and influence in your domain.
How to become the best version of yourself. Learn from the mistakes of others because you don't have the time to make them all yourself! Identify habits that haven't served you and instead of breaking them, establish new habits.
Look for principles. By observing the most successful individuals and team structures you can witness principles that you can put to work to achieve similar success. However, as long as you idle nothing will happen. The moment you start taking action, results will finally be produced. 
The Most Important Question You Must Ask Yourself
There is still a way you can heal the past, be in the present moment and pave the future. By revealing this question to the reader, a gear sets in that is not limited to current believes and helps finding answers to the most relevant areas in your life.
Dirk Stroda is known for his skill to distill life complexity into 'informed simplicity' so that it appears manageable and doable. He has the ability not only to help his clients to get to the starting line but also get them to the finish line successfully. His medical background allows him to understand the physical and mental principles and how to perform at the highest level.
Dirk Stroda is coaching Olympic gold medalists, award winning artists, business leaders and individuals in public positions to master their craft.
How to Make Life Work will show you a clear path to your own mastery. It is empowering, inspiring and profound for young readers and mature adults equally.
Learn how to:
  • use tools in this book to improve your baseline (confidence, resiliency, happiness, etc)
  • decrease stress and increase your power hormones in 2 minutes
  • make handwriting your secret weapon
  • track your success in all seven areas of your life
  • use 'Inversion' to identify pitfalls and blind spots on your way to the top of your field
About Dirk Stroda
Dirk Stroda is an author and speaker focused on human performance with real hands-on experience for over 30+ years. His work in the medical field has resulted in medical publications, his sport related studies are published world-wide and How to Make Life Work is intended to continue his path of enlightenment in the area of people's personal growth.
He has worked with international renowned individuals and teams to build a culture that is driven by compassion and that impacts and influences others. His coaching platform is the premier training ground for excellence and principles.
He conducts speaking events in Canada, the US, Australia and Europe.
What people say about the book:

New read!

I met Dirk Stroda at a REIN Group many years. He came across as down to earth, passionate and dedicated to helping people gain their OWN success and happiness. Additionally he appeared calm, cool and collective like he was just taking it all in and observant to what everyone else had to say about what they were personally trying to accomplish. Many of us had the want to succeed but lacked the "how to" or simply couldn't get it off the ground running or staying centered doing so. If you've ever been to motivational seminars one of the first things you may be asked is what is your teachability index and who do you listen to ?? If you have ideas great, if you want to achieve your goals, it is recommended that you listen to those who have actually had accomplished what they are set out to do. I highly recommend this book. It's the key to a new beginning and a path to create or continue to further your success, happiness and achieve your own greatness. 
Thank you for your sharing your journey Dirk. Extremely impressed by your book, lessons and your legacy. Looking forward to creating my own Epic results. - Sheila Jayson, Canada