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Mental Performance Expert

for Top Athletes and Corporate Leaders of Multi Million Companies 

in The U.S. and Canada

Works with Olympic Champions, World-Champions and Canada's Top Corporate Performers and Public Figures.

From my early ages on I was fascinated how adaptable our human bodies are, how they react and how they can break down when not well trained and overused (mentally & physically). I got my first 'How to treat and prevent Sport Injury' book at the age of 14 and became the go-to-guy at my high school for my fellow students helping them to heal their sport injuries from soccer, handball and track.

I co-founded and managed one of the largest sports and orthopedic rehab clinics in Germany and was appointed as Head Medical Coach for several National Sport Federations (German Handball Fed., German Rowing Fed., German Golf Fed.) and many Olympians. 

However, the most fascinating shift happened during my time with the German National Golf Team when I began to understand the importance of the mental game. At that time 'mental coaching' was very much neglected (1996) and more of a myth than a performance enhancement and benefit for the athletes.

Stroda conveyed his expertise as the Team Mental Performance Coach to Equestrian Canada at World Equestrian Games, PanAm Games and the Olympics.

Stroda has co-authored a world-wide recognized medical study, his research paper is published at the St. Andrews PGA Library and his training concepts were officially recommended by the PGA.

Stroda is coaching leaders of multi-Million dollar companies in the US and in Canada and was the performance coach for world-class athletes and international top performers in their domain. His medical studies gained world-wide recognition and his publications can be found in some of the worlds most prestigious libraries; his multidimensional perspective an asset for his clients.

The Legacy Coaching is a reflection and insight of the secrets of true Champions that I met and had the privilege to coach in the last 30 years.

Being successful in business and sport can be learned. The Legacy Coaching Program teaches the complex strategies of success in a 7-step process that everyone is able to apply now. The program enables you to self-direct your focus with a road map in your hand and create the success and goals that you had always wished for. 

The Principles:

With an extensive entrepreneurial, physical and mental background (of over 30 years) I use a unique individual and creative approach rather than to establish a dogma.


The Expected Outcome for you:

  • A Defined Strategic Process to create daily purpose and clarity.

  • Establishing Principles rather than patterns.

  • Legacy Planning Sessions with annual, quarterly and monthly reviews of targets and objectives.

  • Creating the clients’ Emotional Grid and analysing stress response patterns.

  • Re-pattern and re-wiring unwanted response patterns.

  • Training coherence-building techniques and how to apply in any situation.

  • Using and monitoring HRV testing and technology.

  • The 7-Step Legacy Creation.

  • Analysing Communication: Loop Assessment.

  • Identifying Landmines and how to avoid them.

  • Establishing a Baseline Coherence Level  and monitoring success.

  • Planning effectively for a Championship Event. (What to do 4 weeks prior and what not to do)

  • Defining Coaching Optimization Plan with weekly (daily) scheduled calls and unlimited email/text contact in between sessions.

  • Understanding the Science of Mind-to-Body and Body-to-Mind.

  • Identify Strength and Weakness and take deliberate action and continuously apply.

  • Calibrate thoughts and believes to success.

  • Why ‘Long Haul’ and ‘Patience’.

  • Building Integrity ‘within’ and in your domain.

  • Power of building the right team.

  • Repeat the success.


My commitment: 100%

Dirk Stroda